Ten Igniter Originals You Can't Miss

Now that we've partnered with some of our favorite other producers in the industry, our library of content has grown to over 1,100 videos, about 170 of which are "Igniter Originals" or videos that we've created over the last almost 14 years. So, if you're new to our mini movies (heck, even if you've been tracking with us from the beginning), and are just wanting to browse our content, just knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

While this list is by no means exhaustive (and, boy, was it hard to pare it down this far!), we feel like it's a good introduction to what you can expect to find on IgniterMedia.com.

1. That's My King

Back in the dark ages, before we offered downloads on our website, we released small handfuls of videos in "volumes" on vintage media type known simply as a "DVD." When Rob was looking for an idea to include with the very first volume of "Igniter Videos," he remembered being in the car with his dad, listening to a cassette tape of an impassioned preacher listing off characteristics of Jesus. Fast forward a few years, and That's My King, featuring S.M. Lockridge, is one of our most popular mini movies of all time. (We even made a remix version that you can see here.)

2. 99 Balloons

If mini movies could go to high school, 99 Balloons would definitely be voted "most likely to make you cry." Just ask Oprah. And Celine Dion. Back in 2008 (and again in 2009), The Oprah Winfrey Show aired this story about the short, but far-reaching life of Eliot Mooney, and when the camera cut back to them, they were both unable to speak, so they cut to a commercial. Be encouraged by the work God did through Eliot's 99 days on earth. But keep the tissues close.

3. The Marshmallow Test

Cute kids + sugar + a willpower experiment = a perennial favorite. This non-scientific recreation of the famous experiment from the 1960's is a great way to talk about delayed gratification, temptation, sin, self-discipline, etc. It's also found a couple of niches outside the church—in psychology lectures and sales classes, and even on some national news outlets like NBC, CBS, and Fox. Plus, it's a great way to follow up a tearjerker like 99 Balloons. (Big thanks to Watermark Community Church for creating this one. We liked it so much, we asked them if we could add it to our roster permanently!)

4. Killer Prayer Tips

Johnny & Chachi had to be represented in our top ten, but narrowing it down to just one video wasn't easy. We could have picked the original Get In Here Ministries or one of their musical numbers, like The Don't Song. But ultimately, the first of their "Killer Tips" series won out: Killer Prayer Tips gives you a good taste of our iconic duo's brand of comedy. 

5. Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus is a little different from the others on our list in that it shines a mirror on the viewers themselves. At it's surface, it's about a guy who's trying to paint a picture of himself in the best light possible, but really, it's a thinly-veiled challenge to the viewers to be honest with themselves (and others) about their relationship with Christ. Is your Jesus real or is he something else?

6. A Social Network Christmas

Often when something feels creative or fresh, it's really just two (or more) familiar or common things that have been merged in a way that gives you a new perspective. That's exactly what we did when we decided to tell the story of Christmas through the lens of Facebook, and it really struck a chord. It's one of the few videos we've created that truly went viral. It even ended up featured on late night TV by Conan O'Brien in 2010. Also, give Follow a watch—the story of Easter told through the lens of Twitter. Aaaaand I might as well give you a link to follow us on Instagram while I'm at it.

7. Strangers

Never underestimate the power of a simple story told in a compelling way. Strangers is a story about the effects one person's faithfulness can have on the lives of countless others.

8. Sunday Morning

Some videos are popular just because they resonate with so many people. Every family at church knows what it's like to have a Sunday Morning like this.

9. The Christmas Scale

No, it's not Morgan Freeman. But it is loosely based on a true story.

10. He's Still Risen

He's Still Risen is one of our most popular releases in recent memory, and with good reason: 1) it's a great reminder that the resurrection is as real today as it was 2,000 years ago, and 2) it's nice and short. Churches like short videos.

BONUS: Sounds Of The Cross

How do you make something as brutal as the events of Good Friday more real for people without it being so graphic that it's not appropriate for kids? Well, Sounds Of The Cross is one way. It explores the events leading up to Easter in a way that makes the visuals secondary to the sounds, but that's exactly what makes it uniquely powerful.

Well, there you have it: the 10 (or so) videos we think you should start with when you're getting to know Igniter. But please, don't stop there! And let us know which mini movies you'd include that didn't make the list.