A Letter From Rob

This letter was originally emailed to people who receive our newsletter. 


Excitement is in the air at our company.

Why, you might be asking? Because, behind the scenes, we have spent the better part of two years researching, writing, prototyping and overhauling how we serve churches with media content (all without you knowing!) … and what we plan to roll out is going to be our biggest company-wide update ever!

Our secret project won’t launch until later this year, but I wanted to (finally) let you in on what’s happening.

We’re making big improvements to these three areas of our company.

Improved Content

We are more committed than ever to creating original content that serves your every media need. We plan to improve several product types (i.e. sermon templates) as well as add completely new products (i.e. social graphics). I can’t wait to reveal our full product plan! Also, we believe strongly in creating relationships with other talented content producers and adding their resources to our website. We love our partnerships because we know you do! Okay, and because we do too. :)

Brand Overhaul

We are very proud of our brands: Igniter Media, Graceway Media, and RT Creative Group. However, it can be confusing to our audience and exhausting for us when we try to communicate from multiple brands to essentially the same audience. We have figured out a way to change and improve this, and I can’t wait to reveal it. (Hint: Three shall become one!)

Web Update 

This is a big update, and we’re spending more time on this than anything else. You will find that it will be easier than ever to find the content you need, in the format you want, and for a price that fits your budget. We are calling this update IG7 and can’t wait to show you more! (Hint: It’s a good time to renew your membership)

The local church continues to reveal the hope that only Christ brings, to a world that desperately needs it. Storytelling, art, and beauty play a vital role in communicating this… and that can feel overwhelming to pull off.

But don’t sweat it, we're here to help.


Rob Thomas
President, RT Creative Group (Graceway & Igniter)

P.S. We have a Facebook group that we want to invite you to be a part of. It’s called, “Artists, Geeks & Storytellers,” and the conversations are already extremely helpful. Plus, we’ll be communicating our IG7 progress along the way. Just click the "+ Join Here" button here.

With the changes that are coming, there’s never been a better time to get a membership at Igniter and/or Graceway. Go sign up today!


Have questions or comments? I'd love to hear from you! Just reply in the comments below to let me know what you're thinking.