2015 In Review

Design from Graceway Media.

Design from Graceway Media.

2015 was a huge year for Igniter.

We've had "huge" years before, but this one was huge in some markedly different ways. 

  1. We started the year off moving into our new office space. After spending the majority of 2014 planning and renovating, we finally said goodbye to the office tower we had been leasing for the 10 previous years.
  2. We spent most of the year recovering from some earth-shaking inner turmoil. Hop over to the RT blog to read more about that process.
  3. We continued the process that we started in 2014 of turning IgniterMedia.com into a mini movie distributor site. We added the mini movies of Dan Stevers, Hyper Pixels Media, and LifeWay Media to our library as well as a slew of new releases from our other partner-producers. In total, we added over 200 mini movies in 2015, including 9 new Igniter Originals that we're really excited about. Check out a recap of Igniter's 2015 releases here:

While we definitely wouldn't want to repeat it, 2015 did have plenty of high points that we'll remember with fondness. The lessons that we've learned this year have fundamentally changed who we are and how we operate. And that makes us extremely excited for 2016 and beyond.

A few things to look forward to in 2016:

  1. More new producers. Including one coming in January. Any idea who it will be?
  2. Our library should easily break the 1,000 mini movie ceiling this year. And a membership will get you access to ALL of them.
  3. Graceway Media's new site has finally launched, which means we can start implementing some ideas we've had on how to make IgniterMedia.com even more easy and useful for you.