Don't Just Tell Them. Show Them.

Thinking about using a video in your upcoming service? Videos are a great way to help give clarity to your words and let your message linger even longer in the minds of those who heard it. 

Visuals can help people understand what you're saying with more than just words. Using a video in your service can help connect an idea to a concrete image your audience will be able to remember long after your service has ended. 

Did you know ...

  1. Many sources claim that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. 

  2. Words are processed by our short-term memory, images go directly into long-term memory where they last much longer. (Source)

  3. One study found that after three days, a user retained only 10-20% of written or spoken information, but almost 65% of visual information. (Source)

  4. In one study, presenters who used visual aids were 43% more effective in persuading their audience. (Source)

  5. Behind Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. (Source)

  6. Visuals increase retention by 42%. (Source)

  7. The average attention span is only 8 seconds. (Source)

Videos tell stories and provoke emotional responses. At Igniter, we want to help you convey Truth through visual media. We believe using Mini Movies will help you communicate messages that not only last longer, but are more impactful. 

For more information on the power of videos, read our recent blog, "Why You Need To Be Using Videos To Support Your Sermons."