​Three Tips for Using Igniter Better

Want to get the most out of the Igniter website? Today, we are going to give you three tips for using the Igniter website like a pro.

1. Bookmark Folders

When signed in to the Igniter website, each video has a small bookmark icon below it that allows you to bookmark any video you want to revisit later. You probably already knew that.

But did you know you can also create folders for videos you bookmark? When you click the bookmark icon below a video, you will see the following message: 

To create a new folder within your bookmarks, click “+ Create A New Folder" and name it whatever you like.

This feature is a great way to group videos, especially if you are teaching on one particular topic and need a way to group all your videos of into specific folders.

To access your bookmarks and bookmark folders, hover over your name at the upper right corner of the website at any time and click on “My Bookmarks.”

2. Search by Sermon Topics

You probably knew you could search for mini movies by category, but did you know you could search by sermon topics? 

To search by sermon topics, go to our Browse page and then click “Sermon Topics” at the upper right side of the page. Search our entire catalog and browse videos by over 70 sermon topics. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.06.54 PM.png

3. Search by Target Audience

Looking for videos for a specific audience? Get search results for segmented audience groups with this great filtering feature. 

Click the image above, or go to our Browse page and scroll to the bottom where it says, "Target Audience" to access this great feature.

We hope these simple tips will help make it even easier for you to find the perfect video for your service each Sunday. 

Have other tips you'd like to share for using Igniter? Add a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!