After Easter

If you're anything like most church planners, you're coming off of one of the busiest weeks of your year. You spent weeks preparing for Easter, and now it's over. What's next?

Well, we hope you started off your week with a little rest. But it's probably about time to start planning for next Sunday. Last Sunday we celebrated the crux of our do you follow that? Here are a few ideas...

1. Encourage them to continue sharing their faith.

2. Let them know that it's OK to ask questions. After all, if something is really true, no amount of scrutiny can affect it.

3. Welcome those who have renewed their commitment to be a part of the body.

4. Invite them to respond to the reality of Easter.

5. Challenge them to examine their hearts.

6. Remind them that the resurrection is just as significant this Sunday (and every other day of the year) as it was on Easter Sunday.