Broken Together

Like most video production people, we loooove good music. So when we get the chance to work on a project that lets us use a song that moves us, we're inclined to jump on it.

One of Rob's college buddies, Jason McArthur, happens to be a VP over at Provident Music in Nashville, and he and Rob have been talking about collaborating on a project for years. As they were prepping for the release of Casting Crowns' latest record "Thrive," Jason felt like he had the perfect track for Igniter to work on, so he sent a pre-release over to us.

"Broken Together" is one of those songs that is equal parts heart-rending and encouraging; familiar and insightful. And it touches on a topic that is Rob is passionate about: marriage. On first listen, it was a project that felt like a perfect fit.

Maybe you and I were never meant to be complete. Could we just be broken together?

We did a lot of pre-production for this project. Rob finished the script/treatment a year ago, and while it didn't take that whole time, there was just SO MUCH to figure out. Steve had to become a mosaic glass expert. We had to find the right couples with the right stories. We had to find four dining rooms with enough room for the dolly push at the beginning AND the over-the-shoulder shots...and the list goes on. Now that it's finished, we're really proud of it. Check it out here: