Super Bowl Commercials Mirror Igniter Mini Movies

This year's Super Bowl commercials saw a much different tone than we have become familiar with when watching the big game in years past.  There were still some companies that chose to be more crude here and there, but we saw a surprising turn towards messages of hope that were sure to pull at the heart strings of America.  Two in particular reminded us of a couple of our Igniter originals that are near and dear to our own hearts.  

The first was from Microsoft.  The story of young Braylon O'Neill is incredibly inspiring.

This commercial reminded us of "Cody's Story," a story we were honored to tell back in 2011 that continues to inspire and encourage others to overcome.

Another ad that caught our attention was the #RealStrength Ad from Dove Men's Care.

Just this past year, we made a Father's Day mini movie that told the story of a father/daughter relationship that not only looked similar to the Dove ad, but it even sounded familiar!