10 Things You Might Not Know About Igniter

We made a lot of big and small changes when we launched Igniter 6.0 last fall, and we've made a several small changes since then. How many of these are you aware of?

1. A la carte purchasing is back. 

Yes, if you've clicked around our site at all, it's pretty obvious, but we're still pretty excited about it.

2. We're going global. 

Technically, we're on the worldwide web, so we've always been global, but what you might not know is that we offer versions of a lot of our videos in Spanish and with "International" English spelling (honour, mum, colour, etc.).

3. We're constantly adding new mini movies. 

Since the launch of Igniter 6.0 last year, we've added about 70 mini movies to our library, pushing our total well over 700. All accessible, at any time, with one of our annual memberships, or a la carte.

4. We have exclusive content. 

Igniter has created several new videos that are currently only available through IgniterMedia.com. This includes our best selling video, He's Still Risen, as well as several others (See exclusive content).

5. We have great sermon topic browsing. 

In addition to browsing by categories such as "Humorous" and "Father's Day," you can also browse by sermon topics. Just click on "Browse" in the menu bar, then click the "Sermon Topics" tab in the header.

6. Our membership pricing should save you money. 

If you use 14 mini moves per year, you are better off with our annual Mini Movies Membership than purchasing them via a la carte. Think about it this way: if you use a mini movie to acknowledge a few of the major holidays and for the occasional sermon illustration or worship intro, you're well above the threshold where a membership makes sense.

7. Worship Tracks are back! 

We brought back a few of our favorite worship tracks

8. Igniter + Graceway is better than peanut butter & jelly. 

An Igniter + Graceway combo membership gets you access to Igniter's entire library AND our sister company Graceway Media's tens of thousands of sermon titles, worship backgrounds, announcement slides and more. 

9. New producers are coming soon!

We launched 6.0 with 5 of our favorite other producers...but keep your eyes open this summer--we're talking to several other producers about coming on board as well!

10. A special Summer Sale is coming! 

Later this summer, we'll be having a special Summer Sale. Since you made it to the end of this list, we're giving you a little preview! Use promo code 'ALL10' for 20% off an a la carte purchase.

What else about our site do you think should have been on this list? Or better yet, what are some ways that we could improve our site that would show up on the next list? Let us know in the comments below!