Joy To The World...Has Come.

We've partnered with the uber-talented Folk Angel again on the newest Igniter Original (they're our friends who provided the soundtrack for the ever-popular Social Network Christmas).

"Joy To The World" is a fun, upbeat take on the classic Christmas hymn. While you could use it as a walk-in opener for a church service, it's probably best used as a performance track, which is why we've included a "karaoke" version and a "performance" version, with click track.

Check it out--along with its alternate versions--on our site.

Rob tested it out at the On Your Mark children's ministry at Watermark Community Church last weekend, and it went over really well. Audience participation encouraged. Check it out:


PRO TIP: If you're going to use it as a performance track, use A Christmas Scale as an opener, and then transition straight into Joy To The World, using one of its alternate versions.

Download it here, and stay tuned for yet another Christmas release from Igniter, coming tomorrow!