2013: A Year In Review

While we are solidly in February at this point, we thought it would still be worthwhile to look back at some of the highlights that made 2013 a great year for Igniter. The Home Page of the New Igniter

A Whole New Igniter

In February 2013, not only did we launch a whole new website, we moved from a pay-per-video model of business to a membership model. Many of our customers had been asking for membership, and while this was a difficult decision in a lot of ways, we decided that a membership relationship would empower us to serve our customers in a new way.

Our Responsibility to Our Members

One of the burdens we carried into this new era was an increased self-awareness of the quantity of media we were releasing. And this summer, when we felt we weren't living up to the standard we had set for ourselves (because of our Echo Conference), we extended all our members' terms by one full month. Despite that lull during the summer, we were still able to put out 17 mini movies (with 21 alternate versions--most only available on IgniterMedia.com)--one of the best years we've had so far.

2013 Stat Highlights

Time for Celebration

If you were on our site during the last part of the year, you already know that we celebrated our 10th year of producing media for the Church this year! We took some time to celebrate that and look back at where we've been and who has been a part of our story so far.

Some of the most important people in that story are you guys. You are the ones that have valued our work, and supported us in it. And for that, we're extremely grateful.