Stories of Freedom - A new version

A few months ago we released Stories Of Freedom just in time for July 4th. We shared amazing stories from incredible people who sought out and achieved freedom. We wanted to help people reflect on the fact that freedom isn't a given - that oppression exists and it's a constant struggle. Through this video we hoped to remind those with freedom to be thankful for what they have. As we thought more about it, we realized how important it is to remember this message throughout our lives - not just once a year. So, we created a "non-July 4th" version that took out the text that spoke directly about the holiday.

Stories Of Freedom (non-July 4th) We think this video is helpful in remembering:

-We aren't entitled to freedom from oppression; let's remember to be grateful for this amazing gift.

-God called us "to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly (Micah 6:8)." Use the gift you've been given to pour into others who have less.

These are powerful stories and powerful reminders that would be a great addition to any service on oppression, freedom, perspective, justice and many other themes.