The Bible In 50 Words - A New Mini Movie!

There has been a lot of exciting stuff going on around here lately. One of those things is the release of our latest mini movie, The Bible In 50 Words.

If you caught Christmas in 50 Words, this is a similar premise, but an entirely different video. The original poem by Dana Livesay has been used time and time again in sermons, etc. and we were so pleased to have permission from him to use it in this video.

This unique video covers God's story from Genesis to Revelation. As big believers in the power of story, we love how 50 little words can cause you to look at the Bible in a  new way. We think it's a great conversation starter for your service. Maybe it will help jump start a message on the Bible - the power of God's word, how to study it, the importance of spending time in Scripture. Or, maybe it is a subtle reminder to your audience that Jesus cares about their story as much as he cared for those in the Bible. We have no doubt you'll find it a great resource! Let us know how you're using it.