New Christmas Mini-Movie!

What do a New Zealand English teacher, a cow and a baby have in common? Our brand new video, Christmas In 50 Words! We love getting to share these types of projects and there were lots of moving parts to this one.

-The script: We asked Dana Livesay, an English teacher and poet from New Zealand to write the poem "Christmas Story In 50 Words" after we read and loved his poem, "The Bible In 50 Words."

-The music: As Steve started editing, he felt that Brian Wurzell and TJ Hill had already written the perfect track. It's called "Solace" from the album, Grace Ocean.

-The place: Creekwood United Methodist Church in Fairview, TX allowed us to use their live nativity. It was an amazing location and it turned out so beautiful. Thanks also to FBC Allen for the costumes!

-The baby: Kat French, former RT Creative Group intern, was so kind to allow sweet little Elias to play baby Jesus for a day. If you look close enough in the video you can also see Kat and her hubby as Mary and Joseph.

-The cow: Trent's buddy Chris Kelly provided Molly Flop the cow and she did a great job.

-The video: Dan Baumgartner provided the Steadicam. Little known fact-he's the only Steadicam operator in Texas that shoots from a Segway.

Projects like these keep things interesting! Thanks to everyone involved.

This mini-movie is a great resource for your Christmas service video needs. We hope you like it!