Special licensing for Photoshop and After Effects files

Photoshop and After Effects file are new for Igniter Media and we think you'll love them. They provide you with lots of flexibility and the ability to customize media for your services, etc. Since these are new for us, we wanted to share a little more information on how you can use them.

You can:

-use these in your service slides and announcements

-create promotional material

-use material created with this file on your website

-create your own original media using this file (keep in mind the original work is still restricted by the "you can not" section below)

You can not:

-resell or distribute the files in any way

-copy or share the file

-use the file to create content that could be considered obscene, immoral, or defamatory or libelous in nature

For more details, consult our Terms and Conditions.