New! Photoshop and After Effects files

Many of you have seen some of our motion backgrounds and still images and said "If only it had ..." or "I wish it said ..."  We've heard everything from wanting to change the resolution to switching out text to adjusting actual design components. And now, you can have the ability to edit our designs to fit your needs! Based on some of our designs, we are now offering up our Photoshop and AfterEffects files to allow you to customize a look that is right for your service. The Photoshop and AfterEffects files are available as add ons of select products, currently limited to our two new Christmas Theme Packs. If you would like only the Photoshop and AfterEffects files (and not the entire Theme Pack), you can purchase them individually through either the Motions tab (for AfterEffects files) or Stills tab (for Photoshop files). If you only have text changes and would prefer us to do the re-titling, you can call us at 866-340-1826 to get started today.

Add-ons (including multi-screen loops and stills) are located to the right of the image in the purchasing options. See below: