New Johnny & Chachi video (includes special shortened version)

We have a new video for our duo!!! It's called Johnny & Chachi's Tribute For Dad.

The big question is, why did we create two versions of this video.  It's simple.  We didn't.

Basically, we set out to create one Johnny & Chachi video about the 'behind the scenes' of a Johnny & Chachi video.  This is the main video.  When we were done with the edit, the video ended up being about 4 minutes.  We felt like it was a fast moving video, but also felt like some churches may not want to spend 4 minutes on a Sunday morning showing a special Father's Day video.  Actually, we hope you do because we prefer the longer version.  That said, we think the shorter version will be usable for certain churches.

The good news is, you get both versions when you purchase the download, so you don't even have to decide today.

That said, here's a quick tip guide for which is right for you:

• Our church loves Johnny & Chachi... We play all of their stuff USE THE EXTENDED VERSION

• Our church just wants to mention Father's Day but not give it a lot of time USE THE SHORT VERSION

• Our church is always looking for things to lengthen the service USE THE EXTENDED VERSION (twice)

• Our church only uses Skit Guys material USE THEIR DAD'S LEGACY

• Our church likes the more sentimental approach USE OUR VIDEO, BETTER WITH DADS

• Our church doesn't have media or screens but we want it CONTACT MANKIN MEDIA

• Our church resembles an Amish community YOU AREN'T READING THIS