The new Igniter Video 10-Pack

This is our Igniter Videos, 10-Pack.  We are all very excited to release this box set and here are the reasons:

1. I remember working on volumes 2,3, and 4 etc. and thinking that it would be so cool to have 10 volumes completed. It was always a goal to make it to 10 volumes and it feels great to reach it.

2. We now offer the 'complete my' functionality.  Often, we have people who want to get one of our packs, but don't because they already own a copy or two in it.  Now, you get to order only the volumes you are missing.

3. Over the years, we have created lots of seasonal videos that we haven't included on the Igniter Video volumes.  We decided to gather the best and create Igniter Videos, Seasonal Essentials.  We have included this volume at no additional cost.

4. We are keeping the price as low as we feel we can.  At $200, you get everything, which when you add the seasonal videos as well as the multiple 'I Am Sin' videos, is a HUGE savings. You end up paying around $2.60 for each video.

5. Lastly, we are always so humbled and thrilled at the same time to get to partner with churches around the world. We hope creating this 10-Pack will allow even more to use these resources.

Here is a video we created to showcase most of these videos.  It's very short so take a look.