Igniter Partners with Christian Copyright Solutions

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Christian Copyright Solutions.

Who are they? CCS is a company that handles the media licensing needs of churches and organizations everywhere. Specific to our partnership, CCS will be helping our customers with any licensing questions or needs they have while using our content in their services or presentations. CCS is here to help you, your church or organization become fully copyright compliant through educating you on what that means, and enabling you to purchase various licenses for our products. Read more about them on their website: www.copyrightsolver.com.

What do they do? If you're not sure if you're permitted to use our product in a certain way, CCS can help you with your question. If you need to purchase a license for special usage, they are able to provide that for you in an accessible and affordable way. This partnership allows you to know that you are not infringing on copyright, whether the material is entirely ours or includes licensed content from an outside party.

"Copyright, what? I thought I bought this and can do whatever I need to with it." When you purchase a product through IgniterMedia.com you are agreeing to the end-user license. Among other things, it basically states that our products cannot be altered, duplicated or broadcasted(web or tv). This isn't us "being mean," it protects you from breaking the law! So, if you have a need for our products outside of showing it in your church or assembly setting, CCS will help you obtain the appropriate rights.

We're happy to answer any questions, as are the wonderful folks at CCS. You can email them at licensing@ignitermedia.com.