Introducing Cody's Story

Yesterday we released a brand new mini-movie, “Cody’s Story.” It’s a story that inspired us, and we hope it will do the same for you. There’s even an interesting story behind how this video came together. I suppose it goes back to 2006 when a friend of Rob’s sent him the song featured in the video, “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband. It’s obviously a great song, but it was years before we found the perfect visuals to pair with it.

Then, fast-forward to October 2008 when an Igniter mini-movie, “99 Balloons,” was featured on an episode of Oprah about amazing kids and their families. Also featured on that episode of Oprah: Cody!

As it turned out, Cody and his family live right here in Texas with us, and eventually, local media outlets introduced their audiences to all that Cody had overcome and accomplished. Friends and family sent us links to those stories, suggesting the potential to tell Cody’s story as an Igniter video. We couldn’t help but agree.

We were able to begin a conversation with the family that has culminated in our latest release, “Cody’s Story.” Enjoy: