Meet Davin

Who in the world is Davin Bryngrim? He’s a local guy who has decided to pursue his dream of a career in broadcast journalism. His first step in that pursuit was to enroll in a local college to learn more about basic video production and to how to become an ace reporter. A while back, Davin came to us at Igniter and asked for our help. He needed to create some videos to earn course credit, and so we suggested he use his budding reporting skills to cover Valentine’s Day. Davin took the assignment and ran with it. Is Davin still an amateur? Absolutely. Does he have a bright future as a newsman? We'll see. But hey, he's such a nice guy that we're trying to give him a chance.

Anyway, as you can see below, his investigative report is the newest Igniter Video.

OK, so it's clear that video production isn't Davin's forte. Heck, Davin isn't even a real guy -- he's a character we created so we could have some fun. We realize this video's comedy stylings and intentionally bad graphics won't appeal to everyone, but we think it's a lighthearted way to talk about Valentine's Day.

To see more of Davin’s investigative reports, watch these two videos from Echo 2010.

Davin's Echo 2010 Report 1 from Echo Conference on Vimeo.

Davin's Echo 2010 Report 2 from Echo Conference on Vimeo.