Thoughts and stats on A Social Network Christmas

We had a very fun and historic December at Igniter Media and a lot of it was because of A Social Network Christmas (click here if you haven’t seen it). First of all, we had a record month in visits to our website.  In the past, we’ve topped out at around 10,000 visits… that’s an amazing day for us.  We usually average well below that.  However in December, we hit 36,000 visits.  We were over 20,000 visits a day for about a week… it was crazy.

We were the #1 trending shared video on YouTube for a couple days.

We gained a lot of traction on Facebook… we had over 52,000 people share the video.

We also had around 3,000 churches use the video.

We are completely floored and humbled by the response to our video.  We create many mini movies a year… our hope with each of them is that we speak Truth to those who don’t know Christ, are far from Him, or just need a creative reminder of their love for Him.  When it appears that God might actually be using something we’ve created, we’re humbled and reminded of this:

It’s all about Him.  Always has been, always will be.

We are thankful when He uses us and it makes us want to be even more available for Him.

Our hope is that we are extremely usable in 2011 for the Lord.