New Features: Purchasing and Formats

With the new site, purchasing Igniter content will be entirely different and much more convenient. All formats included in purchase On our old site, you were required to choose your format (MOV or MPEG-1) before purchasing your video of choice. A lot of times it can be difficult to know what format you would like or sometimes you might want both formats and not want to pay twice for the same video.

The new site now offers you both formats in one purchase. If you want a Standard Definition (SD) video, you will have both the MOV and MPEG-1 files waiting for you in your ‘My Media’ account (same goes for the HD media). This is great for customers who aren’t sure what version they need or if they might need both versions (now or later).

Buy HD and get the SD version Another new component of purchasing on the new Igniter site is when you buy the High Definition (HD) version of a video, the 480p SD files will also be included in your ‘My Media.’ For churches that use multiple formats or are thinking about upgrading their projection equipment at some point, this option offers great flexibility.

So, if you are keeping score at home, if you purchase an HD video, you will have 4 options waiting for you in your ‘My Media’ account: (1) HD MOV file; (2) HD MPEG-1 file; (3) SD MOV file; and (4) SD MPEG-1 file. Download them all or just your preferred one, it doesn’t matter to us. Or, if your system requirements change, each of these 4 file formats will be forever active in your ‘My Media’ section.

Buy the DVD and get the download Often, our customers want the discount that the DVD offers, but prefer or require the instant nature of downloadable media. We’ve now combined these two preferences to allow for financial savings and immediate access to downloadable content.

When you purchase a physical product on our new site, the downloadable content of that DVD or CD is immediately available to you in your ‘My Media’ account. You don’t have to worry about getting the DVD in time because you can download it right away!

What formats are available to you under this option? Answer: all of them. HD and SD versions will be in your ‘My Media’ account as well as MOV and MPEG-1 files.

We hope this new way of purchasing offers you increased flexibility and value.