The Sacrifice of One - A truly epic production

The Sacrifice of One surprised many of us with how much people liked it and wanted to show it this Memorial Day, but looking back at the process and the care we took to create this video it is not difficult to see the groundwork laid for it to succeed.

When the elements started coming together for this video, it started to become clear that it wouldn't be like many of the others we at Igniter have created. A local woman provided video footage of herself from early in her childhood all the way up to her wedding! We did need to use footage of another girl for the early years, but the scope of the video increased dramatically because of the availability of such a wide range of footage from someone in our area.

The imagery of this one person growing into an adult before our eyes is gripping and really wouldn't have worked as well with video of several different people.

Not only is the video epic, but the audio is a neat story in itself. All but one of the voices are girls from the same family-- sisters and cousins from preschool to adult. Yes, the voices are similar and therefore create a unique consistency through the video, but the idea of recording girls who are related is just a cool little side story that adds a bit of fun to production.

Almost everyone on our Igniter team contributed something to The Sacrifice of One. We all spent a number of days honing the script. Someone had to search through hours of old home video to find the perfect shots. Someone had to secure the perfect music. We even had to shoot the extra footage and build a 3 dimensional cemetery. Everyone cared so much about this video that we all gave our input and tweaked the timing, voiceover, and shots until we could all release a product we were proud of-- something we thought would speak for the families who sacrificed so much for our country.