New Product Line: Igniter BackPacks[01]

We are excited to release a new product called Igniter Backpacks! (we previously did a Fall BackPack release, but we are already re-booting the product!) Each Backpack includes 9 versions of one theme. Our first theme to release is "Love." This theme includes 3 variations. Each variation within our "Love" themed BackPack includes a still, slow loop, and fast loop. Look for other themes to release soon! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Backpacks are designed to enhance your worship services through media that compliments the mood of your song selection. As you reach the bridge of your worship song, you may decide to transition into the matching slow loop. As the song progresses, you can transition into a faster loop for instrumentals or high energy choruses.

All 3 work together to help you paint the mood of your worship set! The result will feel similar to an Igniter Track or EasySlide only this time there are no lyrics which allows you to use this product behind any number of worship songs.