Plastic Jesus wins an award

Collide Magazine (our sister company) had it's 3rd annual 'Reader's Choice Awards' Issue.  In it, the readers of Collide vote on their favorites in all categories media related.

This year, our video, Plastic Jesus, took home the "Best Church Media Short Film' award.  We are extremely proud of this video and the work that our whole team put in it.  We even got the acting talents of our friend, Kent McKeaigg, former WorshipHouse Media director.

Collide does a very good job of being impartial to any of the producers, but being sister companies probably has it's effect.  From an Igniter stand-point, we didn't promote the 'Reader's Choice' survey, but still have a small percentage of shared audience.  For that reason, we are always great when we DON'T win.. which is usually the case.  I think this is the first award we've won from COLLIDE.  Anyway, it's cool that people responded to 'Plastic Jesus'.

Here's a link to the video: