Our Partnership with Seeds Family Worship

One of the things we like to do is find ways to partner with other companies/ministries to create media that visually communicates Truth. After hearing the music of Seeds Family Worship (you can check out their website here), it didn't take long before we knew we had to partner with them. Technically, it was Haley Thomas (Rob's wife) who first told us about Seeds, so she gets full credit for our introduction to their music.

If you are not familiar with Seeds' music, let me give you a quick summary. The founders, Jason Houser and Michael Martin, had a dream of helping create music that would help families spend time together in the Word. So they set out (with the help of many others) to write music that is 100% Scripture. If you want to know where they get the lyrics for their music, just open your NIV Bible. From there, they hope their well-produced music allows families to memorize and discuss Scripture together.

Seeds' music is sometimes lumped in with the Children's music genre. But this is a poor classification. Because, as a company, we soon found ourselves singing and shouting along with the music, not typically what we would do with other Children's music. So we knew we had to meet them.

From a lunch with Jason, Heather Easterday, and Clark Hook, launched the idea for Seeds Worship Tracks. Seeds had great music for families. We had a formula with Igniter Tracks and EasySlides. And thus we combined the two together to create our first product, Seeds Worship Tracks: Encouragement, which will be available later today.

We hope this new product helps provide Children's and Family gatherings with some much needed media resources. Also, coming soon, there will be a home version of the tracks paired with some simple curriculum that will allow families something to watch and discuss together.

We hope you enjoy this new product and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please help us get the word out about our new resource!

Seeds Worship Tracks 01: The Power of Encouragement