2009 in Rewind

2009 was a great year for Igniter Media and we are so thankful to be able to continue to do what we love.  This was our 6th year as a company and let's take a look back:

- We hired the amazing David Womack and fabulous Ashton Lloyd

- We released several new products 1. Igniter Backs 05 2. Igniter Videos 07 3. Igniter Videos 08 4. Igniter Tracks 03 5. Easter v.3 6. Back Packs 01: Fall Loops 7. Christmas v.4 8. Several miscellaneous films, tracks, etc.

- 99 Balloons and The Marshmallow Test got exposure on national television (ie. NBC The Today Show)

- Highlighted 'Potty Talk' as being 'perfect' for Mother's Day.  (not our best marketing)

- Avoided HR-related lawsuits for the sixth consecutive year.

It's been a great year for sure.  We have a lot coming in 2010 that we are excited to talk about.  The new Igniter website is coming and we are creating our first curriculum set for churches.  Can't wait to tell you more about those things.

For now, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for letting us serve you and your church this year.  It's a huge blessing for us.