NEW, NEW, & FREE, Thank You God!

It's Thanksgiving time!  Thank You God!

Speaking of 'Thank You God' we have a NEW worship element that works great for Thanksgiving called 'Thank You God'  Ha!  :)

It's a 'cry out to God' or a 'Prayer of thanks.'  We were going to call it 'Thanksgiving Call To Worship' but felt it has more use than just Thanksgiving.  The idea is to set the hearts of your congregation to be focused on God going into the worship set.

We've discussed a of a couple uses for this video in-house, and I wanted to make sure you guys knew about the alternatives...

1. Start your service off with this video.  We have included a great song with it, BUT I think it would be great to play the beginning of your first song under the visuals.

2. Another cool use might be to have the worship leader speak the text from stage as a video plays. Caution: No one has tried this yet; so practice it a lot if you do!   This is an idea that could come off as epic or total cheese depending on the delivery!  Ha!

3. Be sure to check out our products that match this video ...

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