Igniter Media at the Outreach Conference 2009

Jeff and I (Rob) trekked out to San Diego this week in our return to the Outreach Conference.  We haven't been to Outreach since 2005 so it's been awhile.  We got in last minute as the guys from Floodgate Productions were nice enough to let us join them in their booth.

Highlights: > Hanging out with Gary, Jason, and Dave from Floodgate.  We stayed at the same hotel, ate many meals together, hung out in the booth together, and got too many Starbucks together.  We have a huge respect for them and always laugh our heads off.

> Hanging with Veracity Project team and Deidox guys.  These are both very cool companies doing great stuff and lead by solid teams.  We are excited to stay in touch.

> Reconnecting with our Outreach friends.  Ron Forseth, Marc Harper, Mark Greene and the rest.  Love it.

> Being in San Diego.  This place is always beautiful.

> Bub from Veracity did an amazing fake fall. Link coming soon to the video.

> Dinner with George and Daniel Temple.  Pei Wei rocks.

> Movie and hangin' with Greg Atkinson.

> Loved seeing many familiar faces.  Too many to list, but great peeps.

> In N Out Burgers.

Here are some random pictures.