Volume 08, Echo, and Sprinkles

Igniter Videos, Volume 08 goes on sale today. You can download your favorites or pre-order your volume, which will ship in approximately 15 days.

We did host a release party for this volume, but we did it a little different this time. With our sister company, Echo Conference, hosting its annual event, we decided to release Volume 08 to those attendees first. After Phil Vischer's keynote, we rallied all interested parties to come back and view our five videos. One video, The Weight I Carry, was still in post-production so viewers got to see some straight green screen shots. We also realized that Volume 08 is a little heavier than our previous volumes, but everyone stuck it out as we wisely promised Sprinkles cupcakes for those that waited around.

All in all, we had a fun night and got some great feedback for these videos. Hopefully, they can be useful for you and your ministry.