That's My King! - Now in High-Definition

The first volume of Igniter Videos included a mini-movie called That's My King that has now been seen all over the world, has been featured on TBN and has been shown more than any other video from Igniter.

When we began creating HD content, we wanted to make all of our previous content high-definition as well. However, the original files for That's My King were lost in a computer drive incident. All of the original files had to be located across a number places and re-created for use in a completely remade version of the popular video.

Comparison of SD and HD sizes.

The process of converting motion graphics project from Standard Definition (640 pixels by 480 pixels) to High Definition (1280 pixels x 720 pixels) is usually fairly easy.  The images are typically large enough to hold up at the new size. The animation is already done and only needs to be tweaked a little to fit in the new widescreen format.

Detail view of SD scaled up.

Detail view of HD footage.

Simply scaling up the SD video wouldn't have done justice to this powerful video.  That's My King needed to be painstakingly recreated from scratch including cutting the photos apart for the 2.5 Dimensional moves, finding background images and footage large enough for HD, and the camera moves had to be followed exactly in order to maintain the feel of the original movie.

SD frame size seems cramped compared to HD.

HD Frame is more roomy.

We are proud to finally release the original That's My King as Widescreen HD in H.264 and MPEG-1.  For those who still have Standard Definition screens, it's also available as SD in H.264 and MPEG-1.  Visit our store to download.