Back from Catalyst West, part 1

Last week, several of us (Jeff, Scott, Ashley, Rob) journeyed to the first ever Catalyst West Conference near LA.  It was a quick 3 day trip but a great conference. The Catalyst folks know how to do a conference and this one was no different. Great job to the Catalyst team of Brad Lomenick, Ben Arment, Jesse Philips, Ken Coleman and the rest.

Here are some highlights:

Visiting IN-N-OUT Burger is a must when visiting the west coast. We went twice on our trip.

We taught some guys how to hackey sack (okay not really, but we did join in).

Hear is our booth... outside... Jeff will be burned before you finish reading this sentence.

Hillsong United was part of Catalyst West and they did a great job.  This was right before Rob had to use the restroom, then wasn't let back in.

More coming real soon (including a quick little video... we hope)