Check out Potty Talk

My wife got an email a couple years ago about a true story that happened to Shannon Popkin with her son... It was a forwarded email and I tend to not love those, but I read it anyway.  Needless to say, it cracked me up and thought it was a great story.  We at Igniter Media wanted to take her story and turn it into a short animated film... thus we created POTTY TALK.  We've had a positive response to the video, but we've also had people say they wouldn't feel comfortable showing it at church.  We realize this video is a little off the beaten path for us, and that the application for the video may be slightly different.  We think it could be shown at church to great effect, but it doesn't hurt our feelings if you don't agree... Hopefully you'll just enjoy the situation that Shannon found herself in... a quite hilarious situation.

Warning: If you don't like children or bathrooms... this video may not be for you.