Worship Slides are Getting Easier

All Igniter Tracks Available for Download Igniter Tracks have been a great alternative to simply presenting song lyrics over a still or looping background. They bring even more excitement and interest to worship songs!

We have recently gained permission to make all Igniter Tracks available for download so make sure you go check that out, but that's really not what I wanted to tell you about.

We are aware that Igniter Tracks is a little limiting since the lyrics are built into the timing and there is a definite ending to the song. If you need to do another chorus or verse for some reason, you really don't have the ability to do that.

Easy Slides

We're releasing a new track for Easter called I Will Rise, but with a twist. We are giving you the flexibility to extend the chorus, repeat a verse or even feature your instruments. We're calling this product Igniter Tracks Easy Slides.

Easy Slides have the same look and feel of the Igniter Track.

The Easy Slides for I Will Rise have the same visuals and song arc as the Igniter Track, but if you have a band, we're now setting you free from having to use the Click Track.

By increasing your options, we feel like we're increasing your possibilities!