THEY'RE HERE: IgniterBacks 05 plus IgniterBacks Plus

[vimeo][/vimeo] This promo is only a taste of what is on the horizon! From the producers of IgniterBacks 1 - 4 comes a BRAND NEW volume of IgniterBacks. Prepare yourselves for another set of 20 Looping Motions, 10 Countdowns, and 100 Stills. IgniterBacks 05 has a fresh new feel to the imagery and, yes, even I (Hi, I'm Trent!) make an appearance!

This release includes HD(720p) and SD(480p) in both QuickTime and MPEG1 formats.

PLUS With IgniterBacks 05, we are releasing a NEW PRODUCT: IgniterBacksPlus. This is a collection of 10 Loops and 20 Stills that are formatted for multi-screen environments. Each Loop or Still is 1920x480 pixels.  That is basically three Standard Definition screens wide -- no scaling or cropping is necessary. So, it's ideal for those of you with multiple screens. If you are currently using or are looking into the TripleHead2Go* from Matrox, IgniterBacksPlus will be the perfect compliment to your presentation setup.

TripleHead2Go is not for use with all systems. (Image is simulated)

* Check with your presentation software manufacturer to find out if the software will work with the TripleHead2Go.