2008 - Year in Review

It's always fun for us to look back on the year that was... I hope you enjoy looking back with us.

(January) We started 2008 with a staff retreat at a hotel.  We had a good time and had long meetings with fun meals thrown in the mix. The only bad thing about it for me was that I got sick the second day of the retreat...

(March) We released Easter v.2 which included 'Because He Lives', an Easter Call to Worship.

(April) We added Beth to the team, but honestly, she works with the WorshipHouse team, so Igniter doesn't get to utilize her skills.  Dang it!

(April) Igniter Videos, Volume 6 is released which includes The Bible Contains, Cruise Ship vs Battleship, It's Not Over, Boys and Groups, The Don't Song

(April) We started selling HD downloads on the site... slowly but surely, everything will be available in HD... right now about 50% of the site is available in HD.

(May) Our summer interns started.  Phil, Mo, Ashton, Garrett, and Daniel all added a lot to the team.

(June) Ashley Phillips joins our team as our sales/marketing guy.  He has done a ton for all our divisions.

(July) Igniter Backs 04 is released which of course included a free t-shirt if you ordered it in it's first 24 hours. (now a tradition)

(August) ECHO Conference was at Watermark Church in Dallas.  We had a great time at this new media conference that our parent company put on.

(September) We celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a company... it's been a fun 5 years.

(October) We added Zuriel Barron to the mix. He's a great developer and we're so grateful to have him.

(October) They showed 99 Balloons on Oprah.  Oprah and Celine cried.

(November) We released Christmas v.3 that includes Retooning the Nativity.

(December) We released All Ye Faithful for Christmas and Regrets in time for New Years.

Let me be honest... While 2008 was a good year, we are even more excited and eager for what 2009 brings.  We are more focused on our purpose than ever and it is a privilege to get to do what we do.  Thank you for all your support over the years and we hope you have a great New Years.