UPDATED: New IgniterBacks 04... shipping Wednesday!!

IgniterBacks 04 is available and shipping starting tomorrow.  For whatever reason, we've always honored the first buyers (first 24 hours) with a free t-shirt... at this point, it's become a tradition as we have done it since the first volume.  Also, we've taken $10 bucks off the price.  SO, if you think you might possibly be buying this volume (and we hope you do), I would urge you to get it tomorrow. Plus, I saw Jeff in the newly design t-shirt (great design Garett) and he looks amazing!

UPDATE: We are still in the process of getting IgniterBacks 04 up on the site.  To make sure everyone can take advantage of the sale and free t-shirt, we have extended the sale to Friday at noon.  Hopefully everyone will have access to their computer by then.