New faces! New faces!

We have had several people join us up here since I last blog posted.  First came the interns!  That's right, we have five interns this summer and they are a very cool bunch.  They are helping the overall company with many things and it's nice having more hands on deck up here... that's a boat or ship term and has nothing do to with Cruise Ship vs. Battleship which is available for download.  Our hope is that Phil, Daniel, Ashton, Garrett, and Mo leave here feeling like they learned and had a fun experience at the same time.

Today happens to mark the first day on the job for Ashley.  He is going to be heading up our sales department... That's right, I'm now calling it a department since we actually have someone focusing on it.  He will split his time between the 4 divisions (another businessy term) so he'll be wearing many hats, like the rest of us tend to do.