Post Easter thoughts

I don't always get to experience my own church using Igniter videos... Watermark has used many of them in the past, but this Sunday was different.  They actually used two of them!  Because He Lives was used at the top of the service and we then went into the chorus of Because He Lives with everyone.  It worked well... better than I expected.  Then, my pastor used It's Not Over to lead into his message.  I thought they both went off very well and I was so happy to see them used as a ministry tool.  I know my heart and I know why I got into what I do, but it's so nice to get a reminder like this weekend.  Praise God for giving me and my team the opportunity to make even the smallest impact on people's lives.  The priviledge truly humbles me.  Please let us know how media was used well at your church.  We'd love to know. Below are pictures from Chase Oaks Church and Watermark Community Church and their use of two of our videos.  (Thanks Bart for snapping the Chase Oaks one)