BRAND NEW... Easter v.2 plus planning your Easter service

We have just recently completed our Easter v.2 collection that we have been working hard on. The featured mini movie, 'Because He Lives', was a very fun project to work on. We brought in a talented pianist and many talented singers and created what we hope will be a good call to worship video.

If I were planning the first part of your Easter service, here is what I might do (not that you asked):

Pre-Service: Play Easter Countdown Clock (5 minutes)

Go into 'Because He Lives'

As the video ends, go into one of two songs: Happy Day by Tim Hughes or the classic Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act 2.

For the rest of the service, I would find a set of loops/stills that have the same feel as eachother.  Our loops and stills from Easter v.2 are a viable option, but there are lots to choose from on our Igniter Backs series.

Hope you Easter service is powerful and lives are changed.