Our staff retreat was good, till I got sick.

Our staff retreat was a two-day meeting fest that helped all of us look at the challenges of 2008. We have some very exciting things coming and here's a quick highlight list:

  • Our corporate (I love that word) name was changed from RT Productions, Inc. to RT Media Group. We will be utilizing that name more in the future as we have now grown into four divisions: Igniter Media, WorshipHouse Media, Collide Magazine, and Echo Church Media Conference. Soon, there will be a landing page (www.rtmediagroup.com) where you can learn more about our company and link to the 4 divisions.
  • As you can see above, we are dropping 'Group' from 'Igniter Media'. That makes it less confusing with RT Media Group.
  • We laid out the production schedule for Igniter resources for 2008 (more on that later!).
  • Trent celebrated his birthday on the retreat.
  • We have some new functionality coming to the Igniter site. The big one being that you can choose your file type for each download (HD, SD, MPEG 1, H.264, etc.)
  • Jeff came to the retreat recovering from being sick.
  • I left the retreat sick (coincidence?)
  • I refused to throw up (even though it hurt not to) thus I kept my title of 'Haven't Thrown-Up Since 1993'.

Here are some pictures to enjoy: