A look back at 2007

Each year for the past several years, we have paused for a moment to look back at the highlights of the year. Let's take a look at 2007.

New IgniterMedia website (January '07): This was a big deal as it ushered in downloadable videos, shipping options, bigger preview videos, larger preview videos, top selling video lists, and more.

First Staff Retreat (January '07): The staff got away to discuss every aspect of the company. It was a good time of long discussions and foosball.

New staff (March '07): We added Bart Damer and Kami Stroope to the team. Glad to say they are still here!

Igniter Videos, Vol. 5 released (March '07): We had a release party for this volume of 5 new short films. It was a lot of fun and we are very proud of this volume. It was also the first DVD to have both SD and HD files on it. Father's Day Collection released (May '07): This volume included 'What Dad's Can't Do', a video based on the children's book.

IgniterBacks 03 released (July '07): Our 3rd helping of countdowns, loops, and stills. Also in SD and HD.

Igniter Bumpers 02 & 03 released (August '07): We released two of these volumes at the same time, catching the series up with IgniterBacks. Because we have other series we want to create, we may retire the Bumper series at this point. I love this series because it's one of our more sophisticated products.

First issue of COLLIDE sent out (September '07): COLLIDE is a sister company to us, but this was a huge thing to actually create a magazine and send it out. Kudos to Scott, Ryan, Kami and the gang for all their work.

More Staff comes on board (October '07): We talked Jenni and Dan into joining our team.

Igniter Seasonal 01 released (November '07): We took all of our best seasonal media and put it on a 4-disc set. This was the first time you could get any of these videos as HD.

Christmas v.2 (December '07): This collection included 'Jesus and Santa', one of our best sellers this Christmas.

Igniter Tracks 01 & 02 (December '07): We finally released the series we have been working on for over a year. We are very excited about the new Igniter Tracks.

Here are our best selling videos from the year. Downloadable Clips (1) That's My King (2) Sunday's Comin' (3) Are You Amazed? (4) 99 Balloons (5) meChurch Jesus and Santa was sixth, close to meChurch

Shippable Volumes (1) That's My King! (2) Igniter Videos, Volume 5 (3) Igniter Videos, Volume 1 (4) IgniterBacks, Volume 3 (5) Together Team Hoyt

2007 was a great year and we are so thankful for the many church leaders that used our stuff. Obviously, this allows us to continue to do what we are passionate about doing, so please accept my heartfelt 'thanks' for supporting our efforts.

Looking forward to partnering with you in 2008,

Igniter Team Staff