IgniterTracks are in the can! Special thanks to those involved.

Click any of the images above to view that Igniter Track.

We are so excited and relieved to have finished IgniterTracks Volume 01 and 02. This has been a project in the works for a little over a year now. We hope that they play an intrigal part during your worship time.

There were a lot of people that contributed to this project and I'd like to thank them:

Cary Pierce was vital to this project. He produced the audio portion of the tracks. You'll hear his voice and guitar playing on several of the tracks. He brought in an amazing team of talented musicians and vocalists: Jon Abel, Patrick Ryan Clark, Vince Reynolds, Sasha Thomas, Kyle Richardson, Callie Nixon, Rob Wechsler, and the list goes on.

Dave Harris and his team did an amazing job on the visuals for many of the Tracks. Dave is a super talented guy that uses his gifts at Southeast Christian Church (The Post, to be specific).

From our team, Bart and Trent worked really hard on this project. The rest of us played a role too, but these guys spent hours and hours on it.

We hope you enjoy IgniterTracks and we look forward to your feedback and comments on them.