Christmas v.2 coming soon PLUS update on Igniter Tracks

We are about to complete the content to our Christmas v.2 collection. We are very excited about the mini movie (tentatively titled 'Jesus and Santa')... in video shows the many similarities between Santa and Jesus, but the deeper we go into the comparison, the more we realize just how different they really are. We will also include a countdown, some loops, and several still images to complete the collection.

The Igniter Tracks have been something we have labored over for over a year. We recorded the music last year around this time... we have completed all of the videos... and now we have completed putting together the discs and packaging (a big chunk of the work on Igniter Tracks was just the shear organization of everything on the discs). Today we have been proving the final discs and we are sending them to the replicator later today... They will need about 2-3 weeks to replicate, then we will begin shipping the products. To those that have pre-ordered or are waiting to order, we appreciate your patience. We apologize that it has taken longer than we had originally thought. That said, we think it will be worth the extra effort put into the product.