Sneak Peek of Igniter Tracks!!

Coming this Fall is a new series by Igniter Media Group called Igniter Tracks. We're not going to tell you much more other than we are very excited about this product and think it will bring a freshness to the worship experience. Let us know what you think. [googlevideo]8153696219870429905&hl=en[/googlevideo]

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback so far. Here's a little more info about Igniter Tracks.

1. We are releasing two volumes simultaneously with 7 songs on each volume.

2. We have chosen what we think are 14 amazing worship songs.

3. Each song will include the visual element with lyrics, as well as three audio versions to chose from: One is the full band and vocal (good for vocal teams to use to learn and rehearse), another is with vocal on left channel, instrument on right channel (good when you have a vocal team but want to use our intrumental), and the last one is click on left channel, instrument on right channel (use this when you want to do all the music live and competely in sync with the visual element).

4. We are including sheet music and chord charts.

We are looking at a late September release date. Stay tuned.

UPDATED x2: It now appears that we will be releasing Igniter Tracks late October.

UPDATED x3: Darn!  We keep missing our date.  Though technically you can now pre-order, we won't actually ship till the end of November.  Sorry for the delays.