The iPhone and my 3 year old

I went ahead and decided I wanted an iPhone badly enough to actually get one (all comments about stewardship are welcome below). Though this is the most expensive gadget/phone I have ever purchased, it is also the most useful and fun. The only person who loves my iPhone more than me is my son, Cobb. He is always asking for it. I've had to come up with excuses why he can't play with it because he would completely use up the battery. I've gone from the truth (i'm charging the battery) to half truths (it's sleeping). However, I've been amazed at how good he is at the iPhone. Check out this video I posted on YouTube. This really shows how easy the iPhone is. Also, you'll notice that the videos he is posting are Igniter videos. That's all I let him watch. Alright, not really.

[youtube width="400" height="300"]X-SCcZF6Sdc[/youtube]