Meet our new staffers

We have three new faces around here at Igniter. Please take a second to meet them via our blog.

This is Barton Damer. Bart traveled the furthest to be a part of our company. He was full-time at McLean Bible Church outside Washington D.C. He is an outstanding graphic/motion designer. He loves shirts that are white with cool prints.

Meet Kami Enevoldsen. Kami will change her name in less than a week. That's right, she is getting married on Saturday! She will be known as Kami Stroope, the artist formerly known as Kami Enevoldsen. She is pretty much running customer service on the Igniter side of things. She was trained by Scott and picked up things, like, real quick. A little too quick according to Scott, as she proved she can do in a week what Scott spent 2 years learning. Joking Scott.

How about a shout out for Ryan Jarrell. Ryan, you took Scott's place as the youngest on the team. When I was 14, I wasn't even thinking about work, yet here you are. No, Ryan is well in his low twenties and doing a great job as a graphic designer. He got a major haircut within a week of being here... (see WorshipHouse blog). He's the kind of guy that has hair that looks good with any style. I took the hair comments one sentence too far.