Our first staff retreat

We had our first staff retreat on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  We went to Cedar Creek lake and spent about 24 hours talking through company stuff.  It was a lot of fun and also a very rich time.  It's amazing how much we had to talk about.  It was a great chance to re-focus our purpose in what our company is.  Ultimately, we desire to create media that influences people for Christ.  If we aren't doing that, then we need to find other things to do that will allow for that. Oh, we also had time to play foosball and shuffle board on our breaks.  Then, we watched a late night movie: Hot Shots, Part Deux.

Now it's time to do a lot of the things we talked about.  We are planning to release a lot more resources this year as well as increase our visibility to the many churches that don't know about us or what we do.

Thanks for supporting us as a company.  We are more grateful than ever to be doing what we are do.