Looking back at 2006

It's a lot of fun looking back on a year and seeing all that happened. This year was a great year here at Igniter Media Group. Here are the highlights.

- We came out with our first easter resource, Easter v.1 including 'Sunday's Comin'

- Steve Vanderheide was our intern for about 4 weeks. Way too short. He grew up in Canada, but since then he has moved here to Dallas and is the video guy over at Watermark Community Church. He's doing an amazing job!

- Clint Miller joins the team as our Developer/Programmer guy

- Igniter Videos, Volume 4 is released in April. We had our first release party and it was a blast.

- IgniterBacks 02 is released in June.

- Kent McKeaigg joins the team as director of WorshipHouse Media.

- We attended several conventions including Reach, Purpose Driven Worship Conference, Catalyst, and two National Youth Worker Conventions

- The company went and saw Superman Returns together (July 7)

- Released A Thanksgiving Collection, including 'A Thanksgiving Moment'

- Introduced a new product line, Igniter Bumpers

- Teamed up with Flashlight Films to create The Nativity Collection

- Released 'A Christmas Moment'

- Created our second Christmas Card video

Lots of fun stuff in '06. We feel very blessed to be able to create video resources for churches. Thanks for making it possible!